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Please post your experience back at the announcement post. Thank you for doing your part. Sorry I didn’t keep the fervor up through the last part of April.


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Will you be attending?

Update: Well, only 100 posted to the poll. I don’t know if there are any double votes in there. I’m sure that number represents a demographic though, and I hope everyone answered honestly. We want to start analyzing statistical studies to understand trends more. Check the actual march post to see the routes and feedback for May 2nd (and, evidently, May 9th). You might want to join the “official” group by emailing

Update: The attendees are rolling in! Pass the word. Now is the time.

1st Goal = 1000 people

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What Does the Average Marijuana Supporter Look Like?

Tommy Chong

Does this image represent all Supporters?

Does the above image represent a Marijuana supporter to you? It should! That’s Tommy Chong, an activist in the Marijuana community for quite some time. God bless him, but do all supporters look like they hotbox in a van? The answer is no. There are supporters that don’t even partake of Marijuana: people who have family members who are suffering from the affects of chemotherapy, glaucoma, nausea, etc. These are some of the common medical uses for Marijuana, but are other uses valid?

The U.S. is arguably the most medicated country in the world, but you often hear complaints about the pharmaceutical industry. One of the biggest being, “I don’t like taking medication, primarily because I don’t know what is in it.” I know I digressed from the main theme for a minute, but think about it, do all supporters wear tie die T-shirts and like Pink Floyd? No.

Regardless of your age, gender, social class, wardrobe, etc., make your voice known as a supporter by coming out to the Marijuana March. Let America know that supporter doesn’t necessarily look like “stoner.” Let’s deal with the real issue and quit looking for reasons to avoid rational discussion.

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Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social change, political change, economic justice, or environmental wellbeing.

Have you or are you hoping for some change from our latest President? Of course you are! That was the main message we heard during the campaign trail. However, in your heart of hearts, do you really believe that all of the power resides in one branch of government? Of course not. We all now that there many levels of bureaucracy and red tape to go through to make change a reality. I’ve heard it said that there can only be world peace when there is national peace; there can only be national peace when there is local peace. Activism begins in our local community.

That’s why I am asking you to come out to the Marijuana March on May 2nd. If you’re scared, that’s understandable, but consider this: would you rather continue to live in fear or make your voice known and go to sleep knowing that you made a stand for something. Let’s not forget that true lasting change has to start from within.

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New Blog for Atlanta Marijuana March

Update: Looks like times are all over the place, from 11:30am, 2:00pm, even 5:00pm. Meanwhile, it looks like Pablo and his group are hoping for a less rainy day and moving the March to the 9th. Why not do it back to back!? Let’s do it today and next Saturday too! Anyway, it looks like paths are all over the place as well. I think the consensus was that we should meet in civic places like government buildings, Freedom Park, the Carter Center should be where we start and, in the end, settle up in Little Five. I hope to see you all. PLEASE COMMENT BACK HERE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE DURING THE MARCH. It is time to organize better Atlanta; don’t let Athens and Gwinnett show you up!

Update: Some are starting in Hunt Park, going to the Capitol, then the Carter Center and then Little Five Points. What do you think? Watch for the poll.

Hello! If you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of news lately about reforming US marijuana law. We are here to promote social activism by participation in the Atlanta Marijuana March that will take place on May 2nd, 2009.

The march will begin at Freedom Park (map), move to the Carter Center (map), and end at Atlanta’s City Hall east (map).

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