What Does the Average Marijuana Supporter Look Like?

Tommy Chong

Does this image represent all Supporters?

Does the above image represent a Marijuana supporter to you? It should! That’s Tommy Chong, an activist in the Marijuana community for quite some time. God bless him, but do all supporters look like they hotbox in a van? The answer is no. There are supporters that don’t even partake of Marijuana: people who have family members who are suffering from the affects of chemotherapy, glaucoma, nausea, etc. These are some of the common medical uses for Marijuana, but are other uses valid?

The U.S. is arguably the most medicated country in the world, but you often hear complaints about the pharmaceutical industry. One of the biggest being, “I don’t like taking medication, primarily because I don’t know what is in it.” I know I digressed from the main theme for a minute, but think about it, do all supporters wear tie die T-shirts and like Pink Floyd? No.

Regardless of your age, gender, social class, wardrobe, etc., make your voice known as a supporter by coming out to the Marijuana March. Let America know that supporter doesn’t necessarily look like “stoner.” Let’s deal with the real issue and quit looking for reasons to avoid rational discussion.


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    Pete said,

    1937 they intended to get rid of Marijuana, but not Hemp, then the flood gates opened up and the Lobbyiests came pouring in and added Hemp in with Marijuana as a schedule 1 Narcotic. There is no drug involved. It is one of the superfoods on earth, the seed is so nutritious that it ensures health and if that is not enough then there is the Marijuana which is Medicine. Have you heard of Omega-3’s? The perfect balance for human health is found in Hemp seed. I never hear of people wanting the Federal Government to legalize Hemp cultivation like they did up in Canada, ask yourself–why not? The M.T.A. of 1937 was for big business, mainly by lumping all strains together and hurting America’s health, anyone know of expensive health care?

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