Will you be attending?

Update: Well, only 100 posted to the poll. I don’t know if there are any double votes in there. I’m sure that number represents a demographic though, and I hope everyone answered honestly. We want to start analyzing statistical studies to understand trends more. Check the actual march post to see the routes and feedback for May 2nd (and, evidently, May 9th). You might want to join the “official” group by emailing TheGreatAtlantaPotFestival2009-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Update: The attendees are rolling in! Pass the word. Now is the time.

1st Goal = 1000 people


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    Monique said,

    marijuana is one of the earth’s natural healings.why prefer to take man-made substances that most of the time have worst side effects?marijuana can also be used for other things besides medicinal or recreational uses.for example,hemp can be used for things such as rope,paper,and even clothing and an acre of marijuana plantys bring up twice the amount of carbon doixde as an acre of trees,so that within itself is good for the evironment.plus,have you ever seen a pothead come home in the middle of the night and beat his wife?

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